My child had the opportunity to grow as a leader and to become more outspoken in the Trips and Dips CIT program.  She was able to learn and grow in a safe environment and gained confidence in her abilities while having fun.  My daughter can't wait to return to Trips and Dips! 

   Rebecca B.

 I was amazed at the incredible experience   Trips and Dips gave my daughter last summer.  Each day was truly an adventure.  The zoo, an amusement park, a museum… she went to more exciting venues in one week than I could arrange to take her in any given month.  And she gained a sense of independence that most children don’t get to achieve as a Kindergartener.

   Julianne W.
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My daughter has attended the Trips and Dips program over the summer, and I have been completely impressed with every facet of the program.  The activities have been phenomenal, the staff tremendous (top notch), and the ease and organization of the program outstanding!  In comparison to my experience with other camps and comments from other parents regarding camps in the area, I feel Trips and Dips has been far superior in the diversity of activities they have provided, one-on-one attention/supervision, and overall staff warmth and enthusiasm.  My daughter has enjoyed every minute of camp, has already asked to attend next summer, and is mourning the fact that this is the last week.  Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful program!!!  All involved in the planning and preparation of this program should be highly commended!

Thanks Again,

Our kids attended Academy child care programs from the time they were infants, and we were always thrilled with them. When it came time for summer camp, we naturally gravitated to Trips & Dips. The staff are well-trained, supportive, responsible, and helpful. We never worry about her well-being when she's at Trips & Dips. My favorite thing about Trips & Dips is seeing many of her "old" friends from preschool and their families every summer. Most of her Academy classmates went to different elementary schools, so we don't get to spend time with them regularly, but seeing them at Trips & Dips is wonderful. We've met some fabulous families through the Academy programs and expect to be friends with them for life. My daughter loves Trips & Dips so much, she refuses to consider other camps. Even after five summers at Trips & Dips, she's not bored. For her, this is home!

Trips and Dips has been an excellent and ongoing summer option for our family! The program has diverse activities that are fun and educational and that facilitate social development and physical health. The variety of field trips, center activities, pool visits, etc. keeps the children interested, active, and engaged throughout the summer. The hours and option for extended care also make this program very attractive for our family. Most importantly, however, is the relationships that are developed amongst the kids, staff, and families. My daughter has developed strong friendships at Trips and Dips, and the staff are excellent, providing phenomenal supervision and sustained, individual contact with the parents. My daughter looks forward to Trips and Dips throughout the entire year - the best indicator that it is a GREAT program! 

The Villines Family